Management Trustees

About Us - Management Trustees

The hall is run by a management committee made up of five elected trustees and nine appointed (representatives) trustees from groups or clubs that use the hall on a regularly throughout the year.  The committee can also co-opt up to three management trustees.  The maximum allowed on the committee is eighteen, including elected members.  Members of the management committee are all volunteers and are not employed or paid for a management role.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM - held at the end of March each year), the management committee elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary and Bookings Secretary.  These elected members form a steering group with the skills and capabilities needed to effectively manage village hall business.  

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Our Management Trustees

Chairperson | Jan Williamson -

Vice Chair | Joan McKinlay -

Bookings | Denise Armstrong -

Treasurer | Nina Holmes -


Minutes Secretary | Kaitee Robinson -

Appointed | Richard Mardell - Pantomime Group

Appointed | David Willett - Little Hadham Primary School

Appointed | Annette Luedtke - Scrabble Club

Appointed | Nigel English - Badminton Club

Appointed | Peter English - Bowls Club

Appointed | Mike Smith - Red Chair Community Cinema

Appointed | Judi Wheeler - Gardening Club

Appointed | Vacant position - St Cecilia's Church

Appointed | Carolyn Westlake - Parish Council

Co-Opted | Freddie Arkell - Publicity & Media

Our Holding Trustees

The village hall is a registered charity held in trust on behalf of the village by three named holding trustees.

Holding Trustee | Karin Green

Holding Trustee | John Fardell

Holding Trustee | Angela Fardell