Terms and Conditions of Hall Hire - awaiting updated document

COVID COMPLIANCE: Terms and Conditions of Hire


    Social distancing

  1. Hirers must ensure they, and their users, comply with the most current social distancing guidelines at all times.

  2. Bookings for private parties are limited to numbers attending 30 max inclusive of hirer.

  3. Any regular group found to be in breach of Covid guidance will have further bookings cancelled.

  4. A one-way system to enter and leave the building must be set out by the hirer prior to allowing your group in. A suggested flow is to follow the badminton court lines in.

  5. If groups are following on from each other then the departing group must leave via the kitchen door to allow the incoming group to arrive via the front main doors.


    Surfaces - cleansing

  1. Users to minimise contact where possible with surfaces and avoid entering rooms where not essential.

  2. Hand sanitiser is available at the main entrance and exit.

  3. Surface cleanser, paper towels are provided by the hand sanitiser at the entrance.
  4. Any surfaces, handles, switches, chairs and/or tables used during the session MUST be wiped down both on the top and underneath to reduce risk of cross infection and the cloths used disposed in the bin at the entrance/exit.

    Airborne Infection

  1. Either a main door(s) and/or windows to be kept open during hire sessions to ensure free flow of air through premises.
  2. Face masks may be mandated by the organiser if they deem that the attendees due to the nature of the activity means they are unable to comply with 2m social distancing.

  3. To avoid cross over risks in between bookings all users will enter the building from the main foyer and exit via the kitchen door.



  1. Paper towels have been provided in lieu of the hand drier which has been switched off.

  2. To increase air flow through, the main toilet entrance door to be left open.

  3. If queuing is required, max two persons at a time in the facilities – one in one out.

  4. Disabled toilet MUST have the extractor fan turned on before use.

  5. The committee room single toilet is removed from service.


  1. The kitchen is current out of use until further notice.

  2. The kitchen supports the one-way system around the building with its corridor for access to the toilets.

  3. Users to bring their own refreshments and remove any waste created at the end of hire.


  1. Fabric chairs are NOT to be used, only the wipeable plastic sets are available to hirers and are found in the foyer.

  2. If used must be cleaned using the provisions available in the main foyer and returned stacked.



  1. All users to nominate a COVID compliance monitor who is responsible for; Managing track and trace records and Ensuring the T&Cs of booking are complied with.

  2. Activity groups must comply, in addition to LHVH COVID T&Cs, their own governing bodies where appropriate.

  3. Provide the LHVH booking secretary with your COVID risk assessment for your requested activity.

If you have, or think you have, any symptoms of COVID 19 then PLEASE DO NOT PUT OTHERS AT RISK and do not enter the building.